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One of my Favorite Interviews: Alan Drewsen from the INTA

Biosalan_drewsen As I was reading back through some old blog posts, I stumbled across this Vtalk Radio interview sponsored by my firm Traverse Legal, PLC of Alan Drewsen, the executive director of the International Trademark Association (INTA).  As many of you who follow this blog know, we specialize in internet law.  A significant portion of our practice deals specifically with domain name disputes

Mr. Drewsen provides an extremely cogent and comprehensible view of what the trademark community believes about cybersquatting. 

I’ve always believed that the internet is about quality content.  As bloggers, we are constantly searching for new ways to generate great topflight content.  We think we have achieved both more volume and more niche content in relevant practice areas than virtually any other law firm in the world.  We establish our expertise each day by sharing that expertise on the internet.  If we’ve written an article that deals directly with something that you’re dealing with, chances are you’re going to be far better off than dealing with an attorney who’s never handled such a matter before. 

But this raises the critical question! How do you get great content.  Vtalk Radio is one of the ways that we generate top-flight content by an author someone different than me and in a format that is very familiar to the public, that is radio.  Listen to the radio interview and read the transcript. 


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