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Google’s Fascination with Digg

Blogging Basics: Starting Conversations and Building Relationships.

Leo Bottary over at the Client Service Insights blog has a great post on the importance of blogging.   He notes two key benefits, conversation and relationships. 

Yes, it's true. Once you start writing your blog, others who write blogs will find you and you will in turn visit their blogs, read what they have to say and contribute further to the conversation. That's how it works. It's how you grow and how the conversation grows. It's how you build relationships and why it's imperative for PR professionals to join the conversation. We ARE IN the relationship business!

We appreciate the inclusion of the Greatest American Lawyer Blog in Leo’s list of “must read” client service blogs.  We have added Leo’s site to our blawg roll.  Keep up the great work Leo!


Leo Bottary

Thanks for the nod and for your obvious commitment to client service excellence!

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