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Death of A Blogger: Bill Patry (of Google) Hangs Up His Keyboard

William Patry of the Patry Copyright Blog has been a prolific and well respected blogger on copyright issues for over four years. Today, he decided to stop blogging.  His loss will be felt across the blogosphere.

I have decided to end the blog, after doing around 800 postings over about 4 years.  I regret closing the blog and I owe readers an explanation. There are two reasons. 1. The Inability or Refusal to Accept the Blog for What it is: A Personal Blog. 2. The Current State of Copyright Law is too depressing.

Bill notes that his recent employment at Google as it's Senior Copyright Counsel makes it almost impossible for him to blog.  Despite his emphasis that the blog is a personal blog, and is no way endorsed by Google, newspapers and other bloggers always include his corporate designation in stories and blog posts about his blog posts (as I, alas, have done here). The reality is that bloggers who work for large publicly traded companies have additional challenges which most other bloggers don't.  Regardless of how many safeguards they put in place, people mix and match personal opinions with corporate positions.  it is worth noting that Google itself had no problem with Mr. Patry's blog.   


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