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The Power of Iteration

Improvements in process in the technology age come by way of iteration. The guts of every company are a series of contemporaneous and non-synchronous intermittent processes.

In the industrial age, success was in many instances driven by perseverance. Iteration is now much more important than perseverance. Genius is now defined, not by how many hours you work or how many days in a row you can string together doing the same thing over and over again. Genius can happen in a second. Implementing a great idea requires process.

When I look back over the last 4 ½ years, I see the current iteration of things I started long ago. Things like blogs, dictation, extranets, virtual workers, flat fee billing based on defined deliverables, global practice areas, being completely digital, etc. Many of these items describe technology built on a process. Scanning documents happens in a certain way. Routing of digital dictation occurs in a certain way. Receipt of digital dictation has its series of steps. Blogging across various niche and general blogs has been one of my greatest joys. Being a content leader and thought leader is something in which I take pride. But, blogging is also a series of processes built on a model which constantly improves the process through the application of iteration.

Some of my processes have only been through 3 or 4 iterations. These processes were conceived largely in perfection and only needed minor tweaking. Our scanning and paper routing process is one example. It is almost the same system we put in place on day one. Other activities such as blogging have been through hundreds of iterations in both content, structure, purpose and design.

The last 4 ½ years, I have created a law firm and a series of technology companies. Within my law firm, I have innovated across virtually every aspect of the practice of law. My motto has always been “changing the way law is practiced.” These are the first words which appeared below the logo for Traverse Legal.

Over these next several weeks, I will be discussing in detail some of the innovations and processes which I believe can work for any law firm. Stay tuned!


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