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Change Is Good For Lawyers, Law Firms and the Country

For those of you who have been following the Greatest American Lawyer blog for some time, you know that “changing the way law is practiced” has been the byline for this effort since day one.  I always tell clients that I doubt I could get up in the morning to simply practice law.  But I jump out of bed at the thought of changing the way law is practiced. 

So what do I think about the fact that both republicans and democrats have attempted to leverage the “change” theme in order to win the November 4 election?  Let’s just say I get all tingly inside. 

There is something in the air isn’t there?  We see the world changing in dramatic ways politically, economically, socially and virtually every other way.  Technology and the Internet have something to do with the changes we see all around us. 

Let’s face it.  There has always been a bias against change.  “Tradition” is a word which fundamentally opposes change.  Societies don’t want to change.  They like to keep doing things in a way that are familiar; the way things were done yesterday and a hundred years ago.  Societal change is often in spite of the forces that like things to remain the same. 

People with power don’t want change.  Change is a threat to everything they are clutching.  Change brings the possibility of loss. 

Many law firms and lawyers don’t like change.  They see the internet as a huge threat since any lawyer, even god forbid solo practitioners, can develop blogs and websites which will return above them on Google Search.  Lawyers against change love the fact that they can buy a full-page or two-page spread in the Yellow Book, an expense many lawyers and law firms would never bear.  But they can’t dominate the internet with money.  No amount of spending will guarantee them superior results over a lawyer devoted to sharing their expertise online. 

Law firms against change begrudgingly adopt technology.  But they are threatened by the fact that all lawyers can inexpensively deploy extranets, digital dictation, blogs and paperless law offices which have the potential to deliver value and return on investment beyond their capabilities.  In fact, many large law firms simply cannot keep up on the technology front because of the tremendous challenges posed by implementing technology over a large group of people and numerous offices. 

I love the change that technology and the internet have brought.  I not only see the world changing, but the world embracing change. 


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