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I Have No Time To Blog: This Old Excuse No Longer Applies…

People always ask me how I find time to generate content across 11 blogs.  I have some help.  One of my team members is there to receive my dictation (such as I am doing right) and enter it as a blog post.  The advantages of dictating your blog posts are many: 

  1. Think about how much time you have in the car or at home and on the weekends.  Most of that time is devoted to family, chores and other important parts of your life.  Digital dictation by cell phone, portable digital recorder or (as I am doing right now) web dictation.  Web dictation allows me to take a minute or two and easily share my thoughts with the world without having to sit at my computer, turn it on, launch my web browser, log into my blogging tool, start drafting and then post.
  2. A lot of your best thoughts are triggered by things that you see in the outside world.  It’s a huge advantage to simply pick up your favorite dictation device and dictate a blog post.
  3. Having to blog during the business day is a huge distraction.  Let’s face it.  You need to be focused on business.  But in the evenings and on the weekends, you do have extra time here and there to generate great content, share your expertise with the world or inform on some great insight that pops into your head. 

What’s that you say?  You don’t have a staff member who can actually receive the dictation and type it into your blog?  We launched a company called  to solve that very problem.  While we have lots of staff here who can receive dictation and post our latest blogging effort, we understand that some people do not have that advantage.   For $10.00 a month, ublogwetype will receive your dictation and transcribe your blog posts for you. 

So let’s stop all the excuses, shall we?  Get blogging, get dictating and stop reciting that now stale excuse that “I have no time to blog.”


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