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Standing at a Podium as a Lawyer in Front of 100,000 People and Yelling My Marketing Message

Let20the20individual20stand20out2_2 Any lawyer would like to have an audience of 100,000 people per year who will listen to and see your marketing message.  The local phone book certainly doesn’t provide this opportunity.  The internet does.

Over 100,000 unit visitors will have visited our law firm’s various web pages and blogs in 2008.  Over 15,000 people in 2008 qualify as “returning visitors” who regularly come back to our website and blogs for further information.

Now you tell me that the internet has not fundamentally changed the practice of law.  Of course, most law firms don’t do anywhere near this level of traffic and have very few loyal website visitors.  That’s because most lawyers don’t share their expertise online.  Most lawyers don’t broadcast to the world that they are very good about the niche practice areas in which they specialize.

Forget the social networking aspect of Web 2.0.  That’s fun and all. The new frontier for the web is content generation.  The old response “I don’t have time to blog” is one professional’s use all the time when offered the opportunity to blog.  Perhaps they are too busy billing hours to see the future.

So how does our law firm generate A+ content?  We spend time writing out blog posts, of course.  But we also dictate content which is entered by staff members.  That helps drastically reduce the time commitment required to generate good blog content.  But the real innovation is our use of internet radio to interview people within our niche practice areas who are both interesting and well-known.  The service provider is Here are some examples of radio interviews our law firm has sponsored in order to drive the best niche content within our practice areas:

So if you would like to stand in the middle of 100,000 unique people, you should reconsider your thoughts about showing off your expertise online and generating A+ content for Google to gobble up.  I guarantee you that you will achieve an unprecedented return on your investment of time.



BTW: The numbers above do not include traffic from this site which is primarily used for non-marketing purposes.

Sean Sweeney

That is truly incredible. I am a solo practitioner that just started my own blog a few months ago and I am already seeing the positive results. I had a static webpage for about a year before that and I have seen my traffic increase exponentially since I started to blog regularly.

The key for me has been when I am in a writing mood, I will write 4 or 5 blog articles all at once, and simply publish one each day.

Thanks for the tips and the encouragement that I can keep seeing positive gains with my blogging.

Susan Cartier Liebel


You have a way with words. This is a visual which is so compelling how can one resist blogging with such a potential audience.

I've always been a proponent of blogging as the main staple or foundation of any marketing campaign. If you can't find your message or your voice, don't blog. But then don't bother advertising either. For that matter, don't bother being in business.

But once you find your voice, your message, stand up and shout it out with the most powerful megaphone you have.



You are doing exactly the right thing. I've added your website to our Blawg Roll. Let's face it, there is no other way for a new, solo attorney to get better marketing traction than to simply show off your expertise on the web. Blogging is the best tool for accomplishing A+ content. As time goes on, more people will link to you. You might also want to submit your articles to in order to socialize your content and drive more incoming links. Best of luck and keep up the great blogging!

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