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Why Wouldn’t You Send Clients Their Bill by Email?

We have clients who are individuals, small businesses and megacorporations.  All of those clients receive an email bill which includes the amount owed and the option to pay by credit card or wire transfer.  For those who choose to pay by credit card, it immediately takes them to our merchant account for processing.  Because most of our work is billed on an up-front flat fee basis, this means we can talk to a prospect and have them signed up and paid within hours. 

But don’t listen to us.  Even large players such as the 310-attorney firm Loeb & Loeb have gone to e-billing.  In this step by step article, Loeb & Loeb Embraces E-Billing, you can learn everything you need to do in order to implement an e-billing system.  If you manage to also bill on a flat fee basis, you won’t ever have to send a past due or collection letter again.


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