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Clients Like To Be Left In the Dark

Some lawyers are extremely good at giving clients advice.  The client needs a definitive answer.  The lawyer gives the client a straight up yes or no.  The strength of that advice is found in the details of the information gathering and an analysis of that information.  Too many lawyers who are really good at giving strong advice are simply speaking “off the cuff”.

Some lawyers will tell you that clients really don’t have time to be bothered with the details or analytical thinking behind their lawyer’s recommendations.  If you think this sounds like self-rationalization, you are probably right.  Many clients accept the undocumented and unexplained advice they receive from their attorneys simply because they don’t know there is a better way.

A good lawyer will get all of the information together in order to apply the facts to the law, analyze the legal and non-legal issues, and provide documentation of the strategic analysis and thought leading to any recommendations that are made.  A good lawyer will get the client on the phone or, even better, launch a GoToMeeting to walk the client through the analysis. 

If so many clients really do like to be left in the dark, why did none of our clients complain about a process which is extremely inclusive and educational for them?  And if a client really does want to be left in the dark, they won’t be much of a position to analyze value or return on investment.  That kind of businessperson typically won’t go very far anyway.


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