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Brian and I are just getting back from a trip to LA on settlement conferences related to our Crown Princess cruise ship accident cases.  We had some extra time yesterday so we rented a car and pounded our way up the pacific coastline.  After a couple of hours hanging out with the freak show that exists at Venice Beach, I’m extremely excited to get home to Traverse City.  It’s great to travel and visit places across the globe, but it’s even better to come home to our slice of paradise in Traverse City Michigan (even though the snow is starting to fall).

The old saying that “technology allows you to work from anywhere” is really starting to take hold.  In fact, even a law firm can use technology to launch a global practice with global clients, with a home base in a medium sized town in the middle of paradise.  Lawyers fail to appreciate that they are not “stuck” in what can only be described as “ugly” and “brutal” big cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Detroit, and Chicago.  Take your expertise on the road.  Find your own slice of heaven.  Hang out a global shingle and tell the world about your expertise using a blog or other social networking tool.  You’ll know when you have arrived when your drive to work is three minutes, your sense of traffic is the car line that you have to wait a few minutes in as you drop your kid off for school, and your contact with dirt is primarily in the garden out back.



Lumping Chicago in with Detroit as "ugly" my, my. Just not fair. See ya for the 2016 Chicago!


Sorry Peter! Did not mean to throw you into Detroit. :-) When you live in a place like we do, all big cities share certain things in common. No matter how many times I go to NY or LA or Chicago, I still marvel at the sights and the buildings. But i can only think "Holy shit, people actually live here." After growing up in the big city, living in paradise seems a no-brainer.

We get a lot of visitors from Chicago. Head up our way some summer if you haven't been here. You sill see what I mean when I note that technology allows you to work from anywhere, and why would you chose anywhere but here?"



I get up to the west coast of MI all the time and have in-laws in the UP so my wife has me saying Yes! to Michigan quite a bit. Just some mock sarcasm and supporting my hometown.


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