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Not Interested In Paying $300.00 for Adobe Standard? Try Nitro for $50.00

It is hard to imagine any lawyer operating in today’s digital world without an upgrade to Adobe Reader.  Adobe offers its Acrobat 9 Standard for those looking to interact with their PDF documents for $299.00.  Clearly, Adobe is the gold standard in PDF. 

However, there is a great alternative, which contains most of the key functionality of Adobe Standard.  That product is offered by Nitro Software.  Typically, the price is about $100.00.  They are running a Christmas special at $50.00 which is hard to beat. 

You need to do more than read PDF documents.  You need to be able to engage in mark-up, editing, commenting, and creating PDF documents.  I have been using both Nitro and Adobe products for years.  I have always been shocked at how good Nitro is at mimicking the Adobe Standard functionality. 

And what about your staff and support team?  If you can’t afford Adobe Standard for your entire team, you definitely need to check out Nitro. 


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this seems like a pretty good deal!

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thats a gr8 alternative to Adobe's overpriced piece of shit.

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