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Is A Big Salary Worth Working Conditions That Make You Miserable

More Blogging Tips For Building A Loyal Readership:

For those of us that enjoy blogging to inform others on certain topics, here is an interesting article titled "34 Reasons Why Readers Unsubscribe from Your Blog" posted by Darren Rowse on that should be reviewed by all of us that blog: 

This article mentions that 35% of respondents said that the biggest reason for unsubscribing to a blog site was because it had too many posts, and another 28% of respondents said that infrequent posts was the other main reason to delete a from a feed.  Other top reasons why readers unsubscribe is because of ‘partial excerpts feeds’, ‘too many posts that I see elsewhere’ and ‘uninteresting content’.  Knowing what turns off readers is just as important as the topic that keeps them coming back.  Taking the time to research how to effectively blog will help us as bloggers continue to be success in launching and maintaining a blog site.

Keep on bloggingl!!


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