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An Excellent Article On Blogging Lifecycles By Eric Goldman

For those of you who don’t him, Eric Goldman is a prolific blogger who runs two niche blogs, the Tech and Marketing Blog and the Goldman’s Observation Blog.   Eric Goldman is an Associate Professor of Law at Santa Clara University School of Law and directs the school’s High Tech Law Institute. 

In a recent post called “Blogging Lifecycles”, he notes that many blogs come and go relatively quickly.  In monitoring his RSS feeds, he noted the two paths a blog can take. The first is obscurity and flameout.  The second is success, which can create a demand for more blogging and a reduction in quality.  There are certainly many blogs (hopefully this one) which has increased not only in readership but in the quality of content.  Here’s what Eric has to say:

One main outcome is that the blogger flames out pretty quickly (in a few months). The blogger may run out of ideas for new posts, or find that blogging takes more time than expected, or something else. Either way, the blog quickly becomes orphaned.

The other main outcome is that the blogger becomes successful. As a result, the blogger garners some attention for his/her blogging, which generates more demand for the blogger's attention that predictably increases the blogger's workload--more speaking invites, more invitations to write elsewhere, more press calls, more prospective client calls, etc. This is a successful and usually desirable consequence of blogging, but inevitably the increased demands have the collateral effect of cutting into blogging time, meaning that the successful blogger progressively reduces the overall quantity of blogging. Accordingly, some of my longtime blogging favorites from 2005 and 2006 have effectively stopped blogging or are blogging very, very infrequently. I saw very few bloggers from 2005 and 2006 who blog as much today as they did in 2005-06.


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