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Information Super-Overload: Is information overload killing productivity?

Welcome to a new series of Monday posts for the GAL blog called "Information Super-Overload" ("ISO Monday").   Every Monday we will discuss the increased problems of 'too much information" and strategies for dealing with the increased distraction of RSS feeds, twitter updates, Facebook friend requests, blog posts, email and other information tools.  Could it be that technology will put us out of business? Are the techno-detractors correct when they say that information overload is making the work-place less productive? As noted by lifehacker,

To start things off, I want to get you thinking about the problem of information overload and the challenges it creates for everyone riding the information super-highway.  Thanks to for this handy list of info and resources devoted to the problem of IO. I can't help but note that this list is yet another example of Information Overload! Watch again next week for the next installment of ISO Monday.

Blogs/ Websites with focus on information overload

 Articles worth reading 

 Studies and papers on IO 

 Practical tips on how to deal with IO 

 Other resources


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