A Cup of Coffee at One of the Country’s Largest Mental Asylums: A GAL Breakdown?
Traverse City, to Ann Arbor, back to Traverse City, to Hollywood, back to Traverse City, back to LA, to San Francisco, back to Traverse City

Submit Your Best Posts: Get Recognition and Link Juice!

Next Wednesday, we will be publishing our first version of Over the Hump (OTH) Wednesday, wherein we feature the most popular blog post submitted to Overflow Legal.  If you think you have what it takes, submit your best post into the OFL directory, send those posts to people you think are interested in the content, and become eligible to receive recognition as a top legal blog post next Wednesday.  You will be featured on Overflow Legal and the Greatest American Lawyer blog.  If you have not joined the OFL community, you may do so by registering here.


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