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Blawg Review #195

Traverse City, to Ann Arbor, back to Traverse City, to Hollywood, back to Traverse City, back to LA, to San Francisco, back to Traverse City

As many of you know, we are attorneys primarily located in Traverse City, Michigan.  Who says you can’t create a viable law firm by blogging your expertise on issues of trademarks, domain disputes, copyright, trade secrets and on and on?  GAL has a busy couple weeks ahead.  I’d like to say I owe it all to the internet, but the internet only provides opportunities.  Blogging seizes it. Our Ann Arbor, Michigan Trademark Attorneys are everywhere!

Five years ago, the concept of trademark lawyers sharing their expertise on line through niche practice area blogs seemed to run counter to everything law firms believed about their business model.  To give information and expertise away for free ran head long into the culture of law where fancy offices, stuffy suits, and long law firm names supposedly established expertise.  Big firms merely had to throw out some fancy words and scary scenarios to fan the flames that spark big fat retainer agreements.  Providing potential clients with all the base information they need to understand their legal problem was blasphemy.  

Yes, my little law firm “that could” has grown into a major force within our niche intellectual propoerty and ide proteciton practice areas.  And we owe it all to the power of blogging.


Jaime Carr

I am a student in the Academy of Court Reporting in Clawson, MI. I am currently in Paralegal studies. The Dean of Legal Studies had mentioned that she believed there was a law office in or about the Traverse City area that provided a "Virtual Law Office". I am curious to find out if I have reached the right place, because I am interested in finding out more information regarding the services you provide and how you go about doing so.
Thank You


That's us for sure. .. Also see the sidebar Virtual Worker Job Board where you can post your resume for virtual jobs.....

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