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What If Coffee Shops Billed Like Law Firms?

Jay Shepherd at The Client Revolution posted a funny article which puts the notion of value-based billing into perspective:

So it's another gray New England winter afternoon, which means it's time for my caffeine fix. I walk down the street to my usual Starbucks, but for some reason the line is longer than usual and I don't feel like waiting. Then I notice a coffeehouse that I had never seen before. It's surprising because it's bigger than normal and has a very staid, conservative name. More like a string of names, actually, followed by a "P.C." I take this to mean "professional coffeehouse," or something.

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Bill E

Either way coffee is expensive. I think some clients are still lured into the "you get what you pay for" mentality but less so all the time. It is amazing how many clients come to our modestly appointed office and are comfortable with the lean and mean perception that comes with the flat fee billing model. The change is inevitable because legal consumers are smarter.

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