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Comparing E-fax and Electronic Fax Services

Every once in a while I get a question from one of our readers about incorporating an internet fax service into their business model.  These systems generally go by the description “electronic fax”, “internet fax”, “e-fax” and “online fax” services.  The major player in the market is a company by the name of eFax, although there are many other providers in the space who are nipping at their heals.  As is common in the internet space, the up and comers often offer more for the money than the big dogs.  It just so happens that one of our clients provides a extremely valuable comparison service which will allow you to take a look at many of the top-end electronic fax providers in the space, compare price, number of faxes, 800 numbers, free trials and the rest.  Check them out at www.faxcompare.com.



What a nice idea. It is good to see that consumers can get a nice comparison of efax services online. I know that I would much rather use an efax service than buy a physical fax machine for my office, so to see all of the different services compared is very helpful. Thanks for the link.


If you have a Costco membership, you get a discount with a company named Accessline. Their "e-fax" services are pretty good. I use it in my office and now we receive all faxes through email. We love it.


Different providers offer different internet fax service. PopFax.com affords fast and reliable internet fax service. Receiving faxes is for free and unlimited and sending faxes is very cheap. Unlike broken down machine, fax services are safe and easy to use anytime anywhere. I use it for 2 years and I really like it.

Melanie Maddison

I can’t express how much internet fax has helped my business. It saves me time, money and I am so much more organized now. It is also great as I am am a recycling fantastic and you use no paper this way.

John Ryan

I use MyFax for 3 years now and unless you have a high volume of faxes it's a great solution. If your fax volume is high (in coming and outgoing) we advocate using a fax card in your server to allow for the sending and recieving faxes directly to/from the client files. This has the added benefit of capturing the disbursement automatically along with saving a complete copy of the fax and cover letter electronically to the case file.

Fax Software

It is great to see different views from the online community. Nice read by the way. Thanks.


That is quite good! However, as I think it just ignores the fax software, such as joyfax server, which is better when it comes to considering the fax security.

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