Large Law Firms Continue to Implode: Historic 800 Law Firm Jobs Lost in a Single Day
Should You Bill Hours, Value or Risk? OFL Knows the Answer.

Over the Hump (OTH) Wednesday: Vote Now on the Best Posts

How to Reclaim Your Professional and Personal Life as a Lawyer:  Are you really doing what you want with your professional life or are you just "filling a chair"?  If you don't love what you're doing, maybe you should take another look at your job.

A Lawyer Walks into a Bar . . . hilarious award winning documentary about the legal system and California Bar Exam:  Check out clips from this very funny DVD and the posted blogs.

S&L v. Australian Gold: You, the Jury:   Does S&L have a right to obtain Australian Gold products from retail tanning salons and then resell the products on the internet and in Europe?  You decide.

AM Law 200 Law Firm Lays off 52 Lawyers, but Partners Still Make Over $1 million/year:   The beginning of the large layoffs in large law firms.

Financing Law School - Resources for financial aid:   A resource for financing a legal education.

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