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McDonald's Workers Compensation Insurance Company Denies an Employee's Claim after Being Shot during the Hours of Employment

Regurgitation Thursday: Building the Service-Centered Firm

Topics covered in this episode of GAL Radio:

  • Customer service as a priority within your business model
  • Alternative billing and innovative business models for law firms

CIRCA January 25, 2005: Building the Service-Centered Firm

Welcome to this edition of GAL Radio brought to you by the Greatest American Lawyer Blog. This week, we are looking back to a post I drafted on January 25, 2005 called Building the Service-Centered Firm.  The point of this post was that law firms are so focused on hourly billing that they forget that they are service firms, and that customer service needs to be a priority within the business model.  If we are indeed a capitalistic economy, then why haven’t law firms been more motivated to focus on client service?  It seems that too many firms simply want to get people on their retainer agreements and bleed the client dry.  So here’s my rendition, my rereading of the post from January 2005 called Building the Service-Centered Firm:

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