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For my regular readers, you know that I am a big proponent of A+ content.  Blogging is hard work.  And if you want to develop a following, you better provide some really good content.  There is a tremendous amount of competition out there. 

You also know that I am a big fan of vertical content; niche content on specific issues.  I was recently contacted by Doug Lichtman, a professor at UCLA School of Law, concerning his new website, The Intellectual Property Colloquium, which offers A++ content on intellectual property issues. Here is what Professor Lichtman has to say about his new offering:

"A few months ago I launched a free CLE podcast called the Intellectual Property Colloquium.  We post one new audio each month, and each is an hour-long conversation about some important/current patent, copyright, or technology topic.  The format varies, but typically the show is built around one or several conversations between me and relevant guests.  Our January show, for instance, was a one-on-one discussion with Paul Michel, Chief Judge of the Federal Circuit. Our current show is lively thirty-minute conversation about copyright law's statutory damages regime between me and Harvard's Charlie Nesson, followed by clips from four other interviews I did with relevant academics and even the General Counsel of the RIAA. Our very first show was a live show with Fred von Lohmann of the EFF, me, and an audience of about thirty people, including students and faculty at UCLA.

As I mention above, one charm of the site is that we offer completely free CLE credit to lawyers who listen.  All of our previous shows qualify in New York, California, Texas, Illinois, and Washington, and we plan to add more states later this year.  That's not itself a reason to listen, obviously, but it is an added perk for lawyers who might need an extra plus in order to justify spending the time.

If this sounds relevant -- free, I think high-quality, convenient CLE aimed at the sophisticated legal crowd -- you can check out the site at  www.ipcolloquium.com.  Once there, it's easy to download or stream the current show, or to download or stream a show from the archive."

I wish Doug the greatest success in his endeavor and applaud him for coming up with podcasts which offer vertical information about intellectual property issues.  I have no doubt his site will be successful because of the top-end guests he has already interviewed and his commitment to bring the best of the best to the intellectual property community.


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