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New Record Set For Lawyer Layoffs In February

LAW360 reports that 1045 lawyers from around the globe were laid off in the month of February and the number of layoffs is expected to increase in the coming months.   See the full analysis here.

February marked the most treacherous month so far in a slew of layoffs in the legal industry that began building last fall as the economic crisis set in, but the brutal trend appears to be accelerating as March's numbers continue to rise by the day, Law360's analysis shows.

About 1,045 lawyers worldwide — the bulk of them associates — received pink slips in February, nearly double the number of layoffs in October, the second-worst month in the past...

Changing The Way Law Is Practiced One Recession At A Time

Here is a threaded discussion on LinkedIn titled “Will the recession change the way law firms do business permanently?” posted by Larry Bodine, Editor at LawMarketing Portal.  Larry points out that many people and large corporations are seeking smaller law firms that offer alternative billing in light of the current recession.   Here is Larry’s survival guide to weather the recession:

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Why Would Any Client Continue to Trust Their Law Firm Once They Realize that Firm Is Under Severe Financial Stress

We all know how it works.  Law firms start to see workloads lighten, and they start generating a bunch of "make-work" for their partners and associates.  The work that is generated has little or no value to the client.  It is designed exclusively to generate revenue for the law firm. recently posted another "layoff list" setting forth a long list of law firms who are laying off partners and associates. 

What I don't understand is this.  Why would these clients, knowing their large law firms are under severe enough financial stress that they are having to lay off large numbers of lawyers, trust those law firms to avoid "make-work" billing.  One of the many challenges posed by hourly billing is that it requires a high degree of trust between the law firm/attorneys and their clients.  In a growing economy, a client might believe that the law firm has more than enough work to keep it busy and will only allocate hours to things that are meaningful.  If I were a client of any of the law firms on the layoff list, I would actively be seeking other alternatives in the market from firms which are financially stable or growing.  There is no way I would trust that my law firm was going to put my interest ahead of their own instincts for survival.

The Greatest American Lawyer Blog Is Being Syndicated

We are pleased to announce that Newstex and the Greatest American Lawyer Blog have signed a contract which will syndicate GAL Posts.  We are proud to join other top legal content providers in the Newstex Network including LexisNexis, Thomson Reuters, The New York Times and JDSUPRA, ABOVE THE LAW, and other powerhouse blogs across the web.  This means that our blog posts and your comments will be distributed across the internet. 

Congratulations to everyone who has helped make the Greatest American Lawyer Blog successful these previous five years!

Is Web Traffic Bad Prospect Traffic? How To Improve Conversion Rates On Your Legal Services Website

For a law firm website, we do pretty nice traffic.   Barring some big event on the web which can drastically increase the numbers, we’ll do approximately 750 visits a day with 450 new visitors each day within our offerings.  These numbers continue to grow as we continue to put A+ content online in our niche practice areas.  Our Michigan and California non-compete and trade secret blog is a great example of a niche blog providing consumer information and showing off expertise.

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What Are Commoditized Legal Services?

There has been a lot of discussion over the last several years about commoditized legal services.  There is nothing terribly scientific about commoditizing legal services.  It simply means that you define the typical tasks you typically complete for typical type of project, document the process by which those tasks are completed, and put a flat fee price on the deliverables for the client.

For instance, our law firm offers a non-compete agreement assessment for employees based on a defined set of deliverables.  The flat fee pricing depends on how much compensation is at issue and how complex the issue is to be sorted out.  However, an employee who needs to make a decision related to a non-compete agreement can retain our law firm to provide answers to the initial set of questions concerning non-compete enforceability and options and recommendations regarding risks, strategies and options moving forward.  We offer a similar non-compete agreement assessment for employers.

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"I am Sheva, The God of Death" - One of My Favorite Movie Quotes About 30,000 Billable Hours.

Below is the video of my favorite part of the Michael Clayton movie all about billable hours (can you imagine that?).  If you haven’t seen the movie, you should.  But here is the “money” quote: 

“And for $50 million in fees, I’ve spent 12% of my life destroying perfect Anna and her dead parents and her dying brother.”

(Note: Transcript May Not Be Entirely Accurate)

Barry Grissom: Oh, for Christ's sake, you’re saying he did this in…Oh, my God. (On the telephone with counsel)

Partner: Barry. (Obtains Barry’s attention to let him know Michael Clayton has just walked in the door)

Barry Grissom:  Hang on.  (Places the caller on hold in order to speak with Michael Clayton).  Arthur Edens has just stripped down naked in a deposition room in Milwaukee.

(Michael leaves for Milwaukee to meet with Arthur)

(Note: Transcript May Not Be Completely Accurate)

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Regurgitation Thursday: Our Duty to Help Other Lawyers Be Professional

Topics covered in this episode of GAL Radio:

  • Restoring the legal profession back to its professional status

CIRCA March 5, 2005: Our duty to help other lawyers be professional

Welcome to GAL Radio brought to you by the Greatest American Lawyer Blog. Once again, we continue to look back. Back to 2005. To some of my earlier blog posts. Today we’re going to look at a post titled "Our duty to help other lawyers be professional."  This is a post that I did in March of 2005 after receiving a letter from an attorney essentially suggesting that I had made statements that I had not, looking to leverage our conversation into something that it wasn’t. It happens on occasion. It happens to all of us. We run into a lawyer that seeks to gain advantage at the expense of professionalism. In our local bar in Grand Traverse,County we have a huge problem. Many of the lawyers, especially the ones over 50, really do dislike each other. There are warring factions within the bar and not near the camaraderie that you typically find in a local bar association in a small-medium sized town. I, myself, have been physically threatened by local attorneys to the point where judges actually had to call bailiffs in, in order to ensure that my physical safety was ensured. We must start with lawyers, if we are to restore our profession to its professional status. So without further ado, here is a post back from 2005 Our duty to help other lawyers be professional:

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You Better Get Blogging! The Internet Is A Primary Beneficiary of The Stimulus Package.

As part of President Obama’s economic stimulus package worth $787 billion, 7.2 billion dollars will be provided toward the costs associated with bringing high-speed internet access to rural areas across the United States.  In a recent post on the titled “7.2 Billion Reasons the Internet is the Future of Business”, the author of the post explains why high-speed Internet connections can be beneficial to the economy.  Here are a few snippets:

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OTH (Over The Hump) Wednesday: Legal Zoom Post Compilation - Logo Contest - Win a Free DVD

ALWIBfull Each Wednesday, we are publishing our version of Over the Hump (OTH) Wednesday, wherein we feature the most popular blog post submitted to Overflow Legal.  If you think you have what it takes, submit your best post into the OFL directory. If you have not joined the OFL community, you may do so by registering here.

This week, OFL is re-fining its logo.  Vote on the best logo below and you are automatically entered to win a free DVD of "A Lawyer Walks Into A Bar"  a hilarious documentary about the California Bar Exam and the legal profession by Indican Pictures. (see extended post below)

Continuing the theme from last week, we have accumulated information about Legal Zoom at  Overflow Legal.  Here are last week's most popular posts in the category "Do it Yourself Law: Legal Zoom & Other Self-Help Web Sites" on OFL.

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