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Converting Web Traffic into Clients

We do about 400 hits and 700 page loads to our niche practice area blogs each day.  It occurred to us about two months ago that we didn’t need more traffic, we just needed to convert more traffic.  Two changes to our web site resulted in a multiplier between five and ten times on the number of people who contact us through our web site each day.  The first was to add a live chat application (we used an open source version from  and to take our top 50 permalink posts and add a picture, marketing message and invitation to contact us. 

Whereas before we were doing on average one to two prospect contacts per day, we are now doing between 8 and 15 new prospect contacts each day. 

What are your best tips and tricks for making your web site a little more “sticky.”


Jodie Hill

I don't have near as much traffic as you guys, but I had been thinking about this exact issue. Thanks for the info!

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