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How I Built a Seven-Figure Law Firm with My Partners, Google and the Internet

How I Built a Seven-Figure Law Firm with My Partners Google and the Internet

Four years ago, people said I was crazy for trying to build a law firm built exclusively on clients derived from the Internet but with a little brainpower, and some help from my friends the Internet and Google, that’s exactly what I made happen. just happens to be located in Traverse City, Michigan.  Traverse City Michigan just happens to be paradise.  Eighty percent of our clients are outside the state of Michigan and fifty percent of those are outside the United States.  By enlarge, our clients find us from typing search terms into Google such as:

What I don’t know is how many other law firms have successfully built business models on top of Google.  Are you aware of any law firms that are doing significant business off the Internet?  Let me know. 


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