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Page One Google Search Results Are Great – Multiple Page One Google Search Results Are Better


We often get asked how we are able to obtain so much business off of the Internet. The answer is that we always strive for A+ content within our niche practice areas. We use blogs to post that content, wrapped in advanced templates which make those blogs look professional. Here is an example of one of many Google searches on which dominate in multiple locations: “Copyright Litigation Traverse City

Note that our law firm comes back as the very first result for “Copyright Litigation Traverse City.”  Because we use Google Sitemaps, we also come back as the sub-result for the first result for copyright issues.

Note that the next result is where we are listed under the category Traverse City, Michigan (MI) Litigation Law Firms.

On the second page as the number 18 result we come up on one of our keyword-rich landing pages for patent litigation attorneys. Note that the domain name for this last result is a keyword-rich domain We use these keyword-rich landing pages using a WordPress Mu scheme to place our website design template across approximately 200 keyword-rich domain names with limited blog content. All of these WordPress MU landing pages are optimized towards the keywords found in the domain itself.

If you are serious about your internet presence, you need multiple techniques and multiple results across the first couple pages of Google if you really want to dominate.


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