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I recently received a comment from a regular reader of the GAL blog who commented on a post from December 23, 2004, just prior to quitting my partnership. 

In rereading the post, I was struck by this inspirational call to action:

My message is simple.  Take your talents to the street.  Become part of the community of non-solo practitioners.  Market yourself within your areas of specialization and experience.  Help your clients find the ‘best’ resource for issues which you are not comfortable handling on their behalf and then stay involved in that problem in a general counsel capacity.  Build relationships with your customers (don’t even think of them as anything else) which will last and generate referrals.  Don’t be shy about telling your clients how different you really are and how lucky they are to have found you as their attorney.  Help non-solos change the way law is practiced and re-build the reputation and esteem which used to define our profession.


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