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Does Bing Stand Up to Google?

I came across this article by Edward C. Baig at USA Today titled "Google vs. Bing:  Bing holds its own in search-off" and was pleasantly surprised by his take on the two different search engines.  Google has always been the staple for searching.  It appears on many home pages as the default search engine.  Google spares no extras on their search result pages.  You get the information you are looking for quickly with some suggestions for other searchs at the bottom of the first page.  When searching on Bing, the home page has a travel picture on it with interesting facts as you pass the cursor over the picture.  Bing concentrates at the moment on travel, health, finding local businesses and shopping.  If you purchase certain items through Bing, you are eligible for their cash back program.  When you place your cursor to the right of a search result, you will get a summary window which allows you to decide whether this is the site you want to go to.  Mr. Baig gave both search engines 3 1/2 stars.  If you don't want all the extras, stick with Google.  If you would like to review some interesting facts and can play with some of the extras offered, Bing is your better choice.


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