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Legal Zoom Is Alleged to Be Violating North Carolina’s Ethic Statute Governing the Unauthorized Practice of Law

Legal Zoom has been the subject of a lot of commentary concerning its business model and service offering.

In the recent post on the ELawyering Blog titled, "Legal Zoom Challenged By North Carolina Bar", it is reported that Legal Zoom is alleged to be violating the unauthorized practice of law statute in the State of North Carolina. read more here.


Clinton Hooker

There is a fine line that LegalZoom is walking on whether it is the unauthorized practice of law. Yet, there are differences to LegalZoom in comparison to software or even forms. LegalZoom skirts the attorney advice issue by providing suggested answers based on how other people answered questions. I have serious concerns about that practice.

While I disagree with LegalZoom's premise that it is not practicing law, I decided to provide a similar offering for estate planning only at http://www.coloradoetrust.com/. Attorney drafted and much more comprehensive than what LegalZoom offers.

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