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Does Bing Stand Up to Google?

I came across this article by Edward C. Baig at USA Today titled "Google vs. Bing:  Bing holds its own in search-off" and was pleasantly surprised by his take on the two different search engines.  Google has always been the staple for searching.  It appears on many home pages as the default search engine.  Google spares no extras on their search result pages.  You get the information you are looking for quickly with some suggestions for other searchs at the bottom of the first page.  When searching on Bing, the home page has a travel picture on it with interesting facts as you pass the cursor over the picture.  Bing concentrates at the moment on travel, health, finding local businesses and shopping.  If you purchase certain items through Bing, you are eligible for their cash back program.  When you place your cursor to the right of a search result, you will get a summary window which allows you to decide whether this is the site you want to go to.  Mr. Baig gave both search engines 3 1/2 stars.  If you don't want all the extras, stick with Google.  If you would like to review some interesting facts and can play with some of the extras offered, Bing is your better choice.

Blogger Alert: Protect Yourself From Internet Defamation Lawsuits and Other On-line Liability

Mediabloggers-fixed_logoTraverse Legal Radio Interview with Robert Cox, President of Media Bloggers Association.  Mr. Cox discusses the rise in defamation lawsuits against bloggers and the steps they can take to protect themselves. Traverse Legal's Attorneys provide representation on issues of Internet law and on-line defamation cases. To read the full transcript of Mr. Cox's interview concerning internet defamation cases against bloggers here.

Important quotes from Mr. Cox's interview found below:

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What Are You Changing?

Our law firm started with the tag line "Changing the Way Law is Practiced".  Our goal from the get go was to do things that made sense, not simply do things because that's the way they've always been done. 

Fundamentally, the world is a brand new place to do business.  Technology and innovation have become as or more important than sheer size, momentum and/or social connections.  In the industrial age economy, staying the same had real advantages in the market.  This is why General Motors got by for so long on really crummy automobiles.  Companies like General Motors, and many other smaller companies, are now presented with an economic reality that it is much more akin to our notion of capitalism.

It has never been more fun to be in business.  Experimenting with new marketing techniques online, new customer service models, better communication systems with customers and a variety of other tools and approaches have opened up the possibilities.

This leads me to an important question which you must answer.  "What are you changing?"

The Power of A+ Content just did its first interview of Michael Siegel, a bankruptcy law specialist, as part of its continued commitment to A+ content.  Those of you who have been around awhile, know that I am also an owner of  Vertio is the number one solution for online content generation on the internet today.  Check it out.

Introducing Virtual Trademark Paralegal -- Melodee K. Currier

Melodee K. Currier, President


P. O. Box 402Dublin, Ohio 43017
614-799-2433 - Telephone
866-749-2433 - Toll Free
614-799-2275 - Fax

I am a 1989 graduate of the Florida Atlantic University Paralegal Program in Boca Raton, Florida and have over 25 years' Intellectual Property experience working in the corporate Legal Departments of Owens-Illinois, Inc., IBM and Wendy's International, Inc. From 2002 to 2008 I was a paralegal at Wendy's International, Inc., solely responsible for its entire U.S. and International IP portfolio, including its subsidiaries, Baja Fresh and Cafe Express.

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Working in the 21st Century with Virtual Paralegals

by Melodee K. Currier

In today’s competitive market place, are you looking for ways to reduce costs and provide faster turnaround to your clients?  Do you operate with a budget in mind and find getting help on a temporary or full time basis is too expensive?  Do you have difficulty finding competent help when you need it?

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"Boo to Billable Hours"

I recently came across a blog by John Derrick, an appellate specialist in California.  He has written an interesting book on billable hours called "Boo to Billable Hours".  Mr. Derrick has uploaded his entire book on his website for free.  This book will assist attorneys who are seeking alternatives to billing by the hour.  There are three main parts to the book.  The first looks at the problems with billing by the hour.  The next section looks at the reasons some attorneys don't want to change the way they do their billing.  The third section gives better ways to bill by the hour, if that's what you must do, and five alternatives to billing by the hour.  I agree with this Carolyn Elefant's review posted on that this book should be a must read for law students so that they can realize there is a better way to do business as a lawyer.

Winning the Internet with Content

For over a decade, I have believed one thing about the Internet.  If you want to know where the money will be made in the future off the Internet, it will be on content.  Generating category killer content is quickly becoming the new model for Internet success.  The Google algorithm will always gravitate towards A+ content.  When will you get yours?