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The Media Impact of Blogs

One of the more interesting things that happen when you start blogging is that you make yourself visible beyond the place you happen to live.  Obviously, prospective clients can now find you.  Your current clients can learn more about you and the legal issues they face.  Other professionals within your areas of expertise start connecting with you.  And people in the media start contacting you for interviews. 

Last week, I was contacted by two National Law Journal authors on two separate articles.  Neither writer knew the other had contacted me.  Both found me through a Google search on the issues they were writing about. 

Within days, I was contacted by the editor of my law school’s Alumni News Journal.  They were doing an article on the use of technology and innovation by Michigan State School of Law graduates.  As part of their background research, they were shocked to see that the primary Google results coming back for the issues they were researching happen to be by a Michigan State School of Law graduate.  They were even more pleasantly surprised to find that part of our innovation is to use virtual law clerks from Michigan State School of Law, one of which recently graduated and joined our firm as a partner and the other of which will be joining us soon. 

Don’t underestimate the value of being seen on the internet.  You will be surprised how quickly blogs can put you deeper into the issues you care about most. 


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