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Are Two Really Better Than One? How could I have waited this long…

I never understood the concept of polygamy.  I love my wife dearly.  She challenges me every day to be a better person.  But could I really handle two wives? 

Let’s face it.  Sometimes one really is enough.  I don’t want helpings of dessert.   I love dogs but wouldn’t want more than one.  Two heads might draw way too much attention.

I’m quite ashamed to say that, for all of my talk about being a high-tech law firm, I am only now setting up two monitors for my laptop computer at work.  There is no doubt, no controversy and no contrary argument to the simple fact that two monitors are better than one.

Two monitors allow you to eliminate the amount of scrolling and window switching and allows you to mix and match your browsers as well as help organize your desktop and increase productivity.  Here are some great articles on the benefits of using two monitors:

Tips & Tweaks: Two Monitors Are Way Better Than One, Steve Bass -

Forget the new PC, get a second monitor, Jonathan Blum, FSB contributor -

3 Efficiency Tips for Using Dual Monitors, Samual Dean - Web Worker Daily

Two monitors are better than one (for efficiency that is), Alec Satin -

Given the productivity gains, isn’t time you joined me by setting up two monitors for your work computer? The return on investment is obvious…


Andres Vivas

No doubt about it, two monitors is the way to go.

Alec Satin, PMP

Hope you enjoy your two monitors. After a little while the benefits are obvious.

Thanks for the link.

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