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Battling The Internet’s Distractions

Getting Back To the Basics

Every once in a while, it is good to think about the basics.  What are the processes and technologies which bring focus, productivity and quality to your service offerings? 

At our firm, we have lots of technology applications and lots of processes which go with those technologies.  Information overload and the distractions which technology bring are always there waiting to affect the firm’s overall performance.

Every several months, one of the partners here will take the initiative to get back to the basics.  Those include using the extranet aggressively to both assign and track tasks.  It includes bringing everyone together in order to coordinate activities.  It includes flagging Outlook emails and coming back to them on a priority and regular basis. 

The end of summer is a perfect time to get back to the basics of your law firm.  What kind of efficiency and quality might you achieve if you recommitted to those aspects of your business process which really make your firm hum. 


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