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Why Do You Practice Law?

Willing to Risk It All Every Day

Some might call it character flaw.  Others see it as a quality which makes me uniquely me.

I’ve lived life rich.  I’ve lived life poor.  I am here to tell you.  Life is about the same at both ends of the spectrum.  There is good and bad in everything.  The best things in life are found in nature and they are free.

Perhaps I know better than most that so many of the things we think are critical to our existence really aren’t.  The risks we think are so huge really aren’t that big at all.  Our kids can put themselves through college if necessary.  If you make less money, you simply live on less.  People die.  Somehow, some way life manages to go on.  The business model of our law firm is unique in many ways.  Each fundamental change made to the business model required a leap of faith – an assumption of the risk.  I have a fundamental bias in favor of change.  So when people ask me for advice, my inclination is to tell them to jump off the edge of the cliff, number one.  Number two, I tell them that they will in all likelihood turn out okay and, on a good day, way better. 

I encourage all my attorney friends out there to think about what risks they’re willing to take in order to create something better.  Challenge yourself this week and next to push the envelope, advocate for change and take risks.  My guess is you’ll end up better than okay.


Craig Niedenthal

Short but amazingly imspirational. Just what I needed to hear this morning. Thanks for the kick in the ....well you know.

Brian Strahle

Excellent post.

I am currently in the middle of a crossroads in my life.

The company I currently work for has been hit hard by the recession and has downsized quite a bit. I know my day is coming. Therefore, 7 months ago, I began the process of building my own state and local tax practice on the side, while also simultaneously looking for another position.

Next week, I have a final interview with a large regional firm to be a State and Local Tax (SALT) leader in one of their offices. If that doesn't work out, I have other irons in the fire as well, but most of them would require my family and I to move. Hence, if it doesn't work out with the local firm, I can either focus on building my own thing and not move my family. OR I can try to find something else regardless of location, while still trying to build my own practice.

Whatever happens, change is coming.

Any insights on my predicament, based on your experience?

Enrico S.

Brian: Take a deep breath. Relax. Let it happen. There is nothing to fear ... jump jump jump!

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