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What Do Men Want?

There’s a magazine where I live called Northern Michigan Men’s Magazine or NM3.  The headline for this month states:  “What We Men Want?” I thought it was an interesting question, so I am posting it here, and despite the fact that it is somewhat off topic to the things we normally talk about.

But it is a damn good question.  Both men and women would be happier if they could figure out the answer to this seemingly simple question.

I can only answer the question on behalf of myself.  A well journeyed, perhaps brilliant in certain ways, 45 year old, once retired attorney, changing the way law is practiced from a small Northern Michigan town named Traverse City.  I hesitate to say that I am married because I tend to think of my relationship as something more than that.  I have three boys: 11, 9, and 7, Echo Storm, Fielding Mars and Apollo North respectively.  I tend to think that I was put here on earth to make people think.  With my father’s sense of irreverence and defiance confirmed inside me, I set about my day with the effect of causing the world to think.  I used to think that I was a lightning bolt.  I was almost a tree for decade.  But I am back being the lightning bolt, although this time I feel pretty good about things. 

What do men want?  It’s just a theory, but I think men just want to be loved.  There’s still the little boy running around hanging on their mom’s skirt.  I have lots of support for my theories.  I’ll share them with you sometime.  In the meantime, I challenge you to answer the question…What do men want? 


Greg Kish

I was pretty disappointed when I saw that NM3's article was simply product advertising. I'll buy the "men just want to be loved" theory, to a point. I think that men (and women, for that matter) also want to be respected by others, to have meaningful relationships, to contribute to society. Each individual wants these things in different combinations. It's hard to pinpoint what is a unique want of "men" as opposed to "people," however, I think men are more likely to want money, power, control, and prestige. Not all men -- but I do think there is a tendency.

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