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Jim Hassett of LegalBizDev Discusses Alternative Billing Trends at the AmLaw 100

By now, virtually every lawyer has heard of the term "alternative billing." But did you know that alternative billing has become an irreversible trend among the largest law firms, including many of the AmLaw 100 firms? Jim Hassett of just completed a survey of 37 of the AmLaw 100 firms regarding alternative billing.  You may be surprised at the results....

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Survey_cover_small"In the long run, the use of alternative fees will grow only if arrangements can be structured in a sustainable way that makes business sense for both sides.  This book analyzes a variety of opinions about what works for alternative fees, and what does not, based on interviews with senior decision makers from 37 AmLaw 100 firms."  

For more information on the LegalBizDev Survey of Alternative Fees, or to purchase a copy, visit their web page.

Want more information about alternative billing?  Check out Jim's alternative billing posts here.

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Hip Grip Coffee Sleeves - Be the coolest at the coffee counter....

HipGripsCoffeeSleeve One of our favorite clients is Small Favors, a gift shop in Detroit MI. I just bought my wife a Hip Grip Coffee Sleeve making her the coolest at her favorite coffee shop.  Check it out and your wife will thank you.  Cause there is nothing more important than being the coolest at the coffee counter... Oh. And it makes a great Christmas gift.

Internet Defamation, Google Bombs and Reputation Management - Is Your On-Line Reputation At Risk?

Internet defamation of character is becoming rampant.  Contacting an internet lawyer who specializes on internet defamation is only one part of the solution.  In this Traverse Legal Radio spotlight, Sue Scheff discusses her first hand experience as the target of an on-line reputation smear campaign including her $11.3M Verdict against the perpetrators  ..... Read Internet Defamation Radio Transcript: