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Using the Cloud for Your Firm's Storage

In an article posted on the ABA Journal site on August 1, 2009, entitled Working in the Cloud, many benefits of using cloud computing are discussed.  Cloud computing allows you to use the Internet as a platform to run programs and store data.  This is done through worldwide data centers owned by, Google and others on which these Internet services run.  There are many cost effective benefits to cloud computing.  You are able to access these services through your browser or internet connection, avoiding the costs of having different programs and hardware added to your network.  These services provide the backup and the administration needed for the programs/services being used.  You are able to access your information anywhere.  In most cases, the cost for these services are a monthly fee, which is easier to budget for.  When looking for a service provider, as a law firm, be sure to investigate the provider to protect yourself and your clients' confidentiality.  For more information, please click the link above.

A Win for Attorneys Who Receive Clients from Referral Services

The Connecticut Laaw Journal reports that the Connecticut Statewide Grievance Committee has dismissed complaints against five Connecticut attorneys who have done business with Total Attorneys Inc. of Chicago.  A Norwich, Conn., bankruptcy attorney filed grievances against 12 attorneys in Connecticut and more than 550 attorneys in 47 total states claiming that attorneys participating in the Total Attorneys network are paying for referrals, which is a felony offense in this state.  Committee members would not comment on the decision until the full-length decision is released in about two weeks time.

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Law Firm Interpersonal Communication: Developing Relationships, Trust and Morale

Here's an interesting ABA Journal Story concerning communication within a law firm:

ABA Journal - Law News Now
Law Practice Management
How ‘Pointless Interaction’ Helped Law Firm Communication
by Debra Cassens Weiss, Senior Writer (0nline)

A law firm that developed a training program for 15 potential partners got a strong message from the participants: They needed to meet regularly to create a collaborative “successor generation.”

Legal consultants from Altman Weil led the group, learning during the first workshop that two-thirds of the lawyers had never met each other, consultant Douglas Richardson writes in an Altman Weil (PDF) article. Read the full story here.

iPhone Provides Return on Investment: Blackberry is Toast

Ihpone My Verizon contract recently lapsed, allowing me to enter the world of iPhone apps on the AT&T Network.  One month into my transition, the verdict is in.  Blackberry will not likely survive.  The world belongs to iPhone. 

For our law firm, a technology spend is always measured by return on investment.  In the services business this ROI is typically a function of productivity.  Over the coming weeks, I’ll be exploring the amazing world of iPhone and imploring every lawyer and service provider I know to make the move as quickly as possible.  The return on investment is almost immediate, certainly no longer than a couple of weeks.  While I made the move because of my superficial understanding of iPhone apps, I really had no idea how amazing those apps would be.  Furthermore, the slick interface on the iPhone make navigation and information access easy and straight forward.  And just like in the commercials, the ability to access any of your apps while you talk on the phone is huge. 

For those of you still on the Blackberry platform, check your service contracts and find out when they expire.  Then, ignore that date, eat whatever penalty you have to pay by getting out of the contract now and switch anyway.  Your ROI may take a week or two longer, but you will see productivity gains so quickly, you will soon agree it was the best money you ever spent. 

Midsize Law Firm Growing as Others Struggle to Survive: Focus on Niche Practice Areas and Client Service is Key to Success

Loeb & Loeb, a mid-sized national law firm, has grown despite the economic downturn most midsized big law firms have felt over the past year.  Specialization in key industries and developing close relationships with its clients has been a successful ingredient to its success. Read the full article on ABA Journal –Law New Now by Martha Neil: Growing Midsize Firm Pays Big Bucks, Targets ‘Core Industries’.

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