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Law Firm Sued by Ex-Client for $55M

The law firm, Debeboise & Plimpton LLP, who filed a lawsuit last year against an ex-client for $6 Million in unpaid legal fees received an answer this week with counterclaims seeking $55 million in damages. 

Read the full story below:

Ex-Client Sues Debevoise for $55M re ‘Variety of Chimera & Boondoggles’
By Martha Neil
January 14, 2010

It's a truism that a law firm that sues a client to collect an unpaid bill is almost asking for a malpractice claim. And a $6 million unpaid-bill suit filed by Debevoise & Plimpton last year against a former client is not the exception that proves the rule.

In an answer (PDF) filed yesterday in the New York Supreme Court suit, Candlewood Timber Development asserts counterclaims seeing $55 million in damages, reports the Am Law Litigation Daily.


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