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Lawyers and the New Mobile Platform: Lawyers Should Go Mobile

Here is an interesting article by Dennis Kennedy in this ABA Journal.  Kennedy lists several ways lawyers can participate in the new mobile platform:
How should you participate in the new mobile platform?
• See what you already have. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need an iPhone to be on the mobile platform. BlackBerrys and other smartphones already have browser access, GPS services and app stores.
• Check out some apps. Nothing compares to the Apple App Store yet, but BlackBerry, Android, Nokia, Palm and Microsoft also have app stores. There are some great free apps. The ABA Journal even has an iPhone app. (See “70 Sizzling Apps,” ABA Journal, October 2009.)
• Advocate for mobile support from your firm. Let’s face it, firms have slashed hardware and software budgets. You probably won’t be getting a new laptop this year, but you might get a new smartphone.
• Understand and explore your needs. Mobile is an area of technology where you don’t realize that you have a need until you understand what’s out there. Even a simple application for timekeeping can have great benefit if it helps you contemporaneously track time that you might otherwise forget.
• Monitor developments. Much is happening in the mobile space. Google’s Android operating system is seen by many as an up-and-coming, serious competitor to the iPhone, and it already has some compelling apps. Expect continuing development and change.


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