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Digital Court Is Right around the Corner

Video conferencing In a recent post on entitled “How close are we to introducing Digital Court?”,  the author, Bruce Carton, discusses a recent article posted on the blog entitled, “Is Digital Court the Wave of the Future?”.  Both authors note that the trend towards "digital lawyering" and “digital court” will someday soon become a reality.  Here are some of the benefits and arguments for implementation of the digital court system:

Already, the federal courts use a paperless, digital, electronic case filing system, which has numerous practical and cost advantages.

With depositions now occurring via phone or video conference, are digital motions hearings with attorneys appearing via video conference out of the question? How about an all-out digital trial?

With video conferencing technology improving rapidly, it may not be necessary for the judge and counsel to physically be in the same room.

...the typical advantages of video conferencing, such as elimination of travel, cost savings for the client and reduced greenhouse emissions, would then come into play for the justice system.

...the various video streams of public hearings could be made available to the public for viewing on their own computers.


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