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The Importance of Networking at Conferences

I'm just returning from the South by Southwest Interactive Conference 2010.  I was a speaker on a panel regarding the recently enacted FTC Part 255 Guidelines and how they specifically affect bloggers.  In addition, I attended countless sessions ranging from new social media tools and techniques to legal issues facing bloggers and tech companies to sessions pertaining to the latest and greatest in technology.  We chose to attend this conference because the attendees are the exact kind of individuals and entities that we want to represent.  In some cases, we already do represent them and had an opportunity to spend time with them in person.  Regardless, we are now seeing conferences as an important aspect of our business model. In particular, it gives us the opportunity to further our brand, stay educated about the latest issues that face our clients, and provide value to both prospective and existing clients in light of our attendance and participation at these conferences.

I welcome any thoughts as to which conferences would be worthwhile for us moving forward.



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