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According to this recent ABAJournal article entitled US News Warns of Tough Times for Law Grads; Expert Says ‘It’s Just Like the Lottery’, law school graduates are finding it much harder to find employment in today’s struggling job market.  U.S. News reports that those who are considering attending law school should carefully weigh the costs of obtaining a law degree to the benefits of holding one.
“…not everyone will be able to find a job, U.S. News warns. “Jobs are no longer a sure thing, and loans are harder to pay back…”

“…Although the job market is improving, experts caution that law school hopefuls need to carefully weigh the costs and benefits of a law degree…”

“…Despite worsening job prospects, tuition is rising, U.S. News says…”

“David Stern, CEO of Equal Justice Works, told the magazine that students hear of law graduates making $160,000 and wrongly assume they will be making that kind of money… "By and large, it's just like the lottery. You're spending a huge amount of money in the hopes of hitting the jackpot, and there's relatively small chances, and the chances have gotten a lot smaller."

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solicitor liverpool

I agree, it is certainly something to consider before opting to study Law. In certain areas there just aren't the jobs available.

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