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Integrating the iPad into Your Business Process

IPhone - iPad Six months ago, I traded in my Blackberry and Verizon account for an iPhone and AT&T.  Within 24 hours, it was clear to me that “apps” were going to be one of the most significant technological developments for law firms that have ever come down the pipe.  Instead of having to lug my laptop around with me everywhere (and understanding that I might only fire it up 20% of the time when I could be using it), I had my iPhone as a portable computer available to access our extranet system, a variety of web applications which integral to our business process, a variety of federal rules and statutes in addition to all the fun stuff. 

When the iPad came to market, I waited because I am not a fan of wireless for either the iPad or iPhone.  I find the wireless connections to be woefully inadequate.  As soon as the 3G model came to market, I immediately grabbed one. 

Over the next few weeks, I will be describing how it is I have integrated the iPad into my business process for the betterment of me and my clients.  Stay tuned…


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I look forward to your review, i'm debating on getting one too.

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