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America's Dire Need for Socialized Legal Services

I thought you'd be interested in this ABA Journal story by Senior Writer Debra Cassens WeissMiddle-Class Dilemma: Can’t Afford Lawyers, Can’t Qualify for Legal Aid

“The whole system of justice in America is broken,” Tribe said. “The entire legal system is largely structured to be labyrinthine, inaccessible, unusable.”

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How One Lawyer Uses Technology to Select Jury Panels

Plaintiffs’ Lawyer Paul Kiesel utilizes laptops with 3G and wireless cell phone technology to conduct real-time social media searches during jury selection to find information about prospective jurors. 
“Last month I had 50 jurors, and as the court clerk read out the names, I had two people in the courtroom and a third person back at the office, with all three of them doing research,” says Kiesel, a partner with Kiesel, Boucher & Larson. Junior lawyers also assisted, and Kiesel estimates the social media research for that case cost less than $5,000.
Read the full story in the ABA Journal - Law News Now:  “Tech Check” by Stephanie Francis Ward.

Out-of-Work Lawyer Struggles to Find Job

Experienced lawyer, Laurie-Ellen Shumaker, applies to over 1,000 jobs and has yet to be called for an interview.  "Interviews are like seeking unicorns," says Shumaker. 

Read the full story here "Unemployed Lawyer Applies for 1,000 Jobs, Scores Zero Interview" by Martha Neil,  the ABA Journal Law News Now.

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