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Out-of-Work Lawyer Struggles to Find Job

Experienced lawyer, Laurie-Ellen Shumaker, applies to over 1,000 jobs and has yet to be called for an interview.  "Interviews are like seeking unicorns," says Shumaker. 

Read the full story here "Unemployed Lawyer Applies for 1,000 Jobs, Scores Zero Interview" by Martha Neil,  the ABA Journal Law News Now.

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Jim the Law Guy

The current economic climate is tough on everyone. Jobs that we once thought were safe from the economic crisis are in jeopardy. Hopefully history can repeat itself and we can get out of this economic crisis. I hope the best for Mrs.Shumaker.

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The Labor Department is expected to release new unemployment numbers Friday for Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans ages 18-24. More than one-fifth, 21.1 percent, were reported unemployed in 2009, and veterans' advocates say the number is expected to be just as high for 2010.
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