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"Is Andrew Shirvell Gay?" You just have to wonder....

I could not resist this story about wack-job Andrew Shirvell, an assistant Attorney General for the State of Michigan.  Here is this guy being paid with my tax dollars who is clearly fixated and inexplicably obsessed with the first gay student body President at University of Michigan.  For nearly six months, Shirvell, an assistant attorney general for the state of Michigan, has blogged about college student Chris Armstrong, an openly gay student assembly president at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

Andrew Shrivell is the definition of a "cyber-bully" looking for his 5 minutes of fame.  But of all the things I might conclude about  Andrew Shirvell (and for that matter Michigan Attorney General Michael Cox), the one single thing that jumps out at me in viewing this CNN video interview by openly gay newsman Anderson Cooper is that Mr. Shirvell screams "gay" to me (and I represented parts of the gay community for over 10 years).  I have since learned that bloggers across the spectrum have had their "gaydars" triggered and have made the exact same observation here here and Perez Hilton here

I have to wonder if this guy is is another example of these loud-mouth anti-gay advocates who will ultimately end up with some male escort in a cheap motel. Or perhaps he has a crush .....

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What Is a Nanotort? Just ask the Nanotort Law Blog

Ron_Wernette_ My good friend Ron Wernette, partner at Bowman and Brooke where I started my legal career, just sent out a press release on the one-year anniversary of their blog.  I see over 90 posts in 12 months, all about the extremely niche issue of Nanotechnology.  If you’re wondering what a great niche law blog looks like, check out the Nanotort Law Blog for yourself.  You might just learn a little “or a lot” about legal developments in the field of Nanotechnology.  Congratulations to my friend Ron and his most awesome blog. 

When Lawyers Drive Content, Everyone Wins

Blogging Who is the greatest beneficiary when lawyers blog their expertise?  The lawyer can potentially drive business.  Prospects that have particular legal problems are now in position to land on that lawyer’s blog post which addresses the problem. 

The client gets expert information at no cost.  At a minimum, the client is in a position to educate themselves at a level and cost which simply did not exist before the internet.

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MacBook Pro for Lawyers: The Dramatic Difference Between PC and Mac

MacBook-pro-24-carat-Gold My partner, Brian, upgraded his computer to a MacBook Pro about three months ago.  Our newest associate, John, brought his MacBook Pro with him when he stepped through the door.  As my PC staggered, sputtered, and blue-screened its way through its third year, I decided it was time for me to make a decision. 

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Chicago, IL: The Midwestern Law Firm Management Conference

Midwestern Law Firm Management Conference I will be speaking at the Midwestern Law Firm Management Conference which is being held at the The Chicago Bar Association, 321 South Plymouth Court, Chicago, IL on September 21, 2010.  The program runs from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  Larry Bodine will be moderating a panel of speakers on business development in a West Legal Ed program titled “The New Norm: Understanding How to Thrive in the New Economy.”  Other key speakers include Fredric D. Tannenbaum, Managing Partner, Gould & Ratner, Chicago, IL; and Kevin Thompson, Partner, Davis McGrath, Chicago, IL.  If you know you’re going to be in the area and would like to attend, please register here.

Here are a few of the key topics for discussion at the conference:

  • Learn the best practices of successful law firms and how to increase revenues in a tough economy
  • Take steps to position your firm for future growth and success
  • Integrate the top talent leaving major law firms into your practice
  • Create a viable succession plan
  • Protect your equity interest in the firm 
  • Make sure your firm succeeds after a rainmaker departs 
  • Learn how to protect client interests 
  • Meet and network with colleagues and potential clients 
  • Ensure that you comply with state bar

Conference Information:

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