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When Lawyers Drive Content, Everyone Wins

Blogging Who is the greatest beneficiary when lawyers blog their expertise?  The lawyer can potentially drive business.  Prospects that have particular legal problems are now in position to land on that lawyer’s blog post which addresses the problem. 

The client gets expert information at no cost.  At a minimum, the client is in a position to educate themselves at a level and cost which simply did not exist before the internet.
The law firm, whose attorneys are driving expert content, have their reputations enhanced by the fact that their attorneys are putting themselves out there into the stream of commerce. 

The state bar association wins.  After all, both lawyers and law firms have a serious image problem.  The public thinks we are aloof, conceited and overly focused on driving hourly fees. 

It doesn’t matter why you blog.  It’s important that you understand that when you do, everyone wins. 


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