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Have Twitter and Facebook Made Blogging Obsolete?

In many ways, the Internet is all about attention.  Five years ago, before there was twitter and facebook, blogs were the number one  source of person-to-person communication within a particular  affinity group.  Trademark attorneys followed other trademark attorneys and trademark-centric blogs.

but there are only so many hours in the day.  What facebook and twitter have done, more than anything else, have reduced the number of minutes, or hours, in a day that an Internet surfer has available.  Conversly, bloggers have a much more challenging time capturing the intention of their like-minded followers. 

So where does blogging fit in within the social networking phenomena?  While you may wonder whether blogging is still as relevant as it once was after reading this post, I am here to assure you that it is.  And here's why.  While it may be true that there are fewer people using RSS feeds to gather information and fewer people paying less time and attention to their RSS feeds, blogging is still the number one way to generate searchable content on the Internet.  Our attorneys blog about trademark registration.  While you may not read our trademark blog every day, if you did a google search for "trademark registration attorney", you will see that our blog is the number one search result.  So for that portion of Internet traffic which is trying to answer a question, solve a problem or get information, Goggle Search is still the number one tool.   And blogging is still the number one way to publish your expertise online.  

How do you think blogging has been affected by facebook and twitter?  Post your comments here...


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