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So Why Bother with On-line Business Development?

In this article titled “Business Development with Online Social Networking”, Larry Bodine, Esq., of Apollo Business Development and larrybodine.com , points out some interesting statistics for the law firms and lawyers out there who are not entirely sold on online business development. But, regardless of what your position may be concerning online business development and social networking, these are some very motivating factors to consider: 

  • Nearly half of Americans have an online profile on at least one social network
  • 1.3 million Lawyers have LinkedIn profiles
  • Facebook has 400 million users
  • Facebook gets 37.4 Trillion page views per year
  • Twitter transmits 50 million tweets per day
  • 247 billion e-mails are sent every day
  • There are 234 million websites

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Brad Fallon

These are terrific figures, no wonder business is booming in the web. Law firms and lawyers should be more involved with on-line business considering the market on-line is considerably more than the outside world. Thanks for the figures.

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