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We want to send out our gratitude to Kevin O’Keefe at Lexblog for posting the article entitled, “How and Why I still Devour Blogs."  In the article, John Jantsch provides several tips on how to become a better blogger.  Here is a summary of each of John's tips:

  1. Learn how to blog - Reading blogs will help you learn ways in which you can interact with your communities and provide you great ideas for what kinds of software and tools you can utilize in order to make your blog even better.
  2. Keep up on competitors and customers – Monitor you competitors and customers in order to build better relationships, increasing sells, and outperform you competitors.
  3. Get smarter about your industry – Stay competitive by reading other blogs within your industry.
  4. Get smarter about any industry – Create of list of industry-specific blogs for your review. Gain valuable knowledge and information about industries you know little about.
  5. Keep tabs on what is new – Keep up on new trends, share what works and filter what does not.
  6. Find blogs that make sense – Use tools such as Google Blog Search, Technoriati, etc. in order to locate blogs relative to your industry or business.
  7. Use an RSS reader – Subscribing to a blog’s RSS feed for easier access to information and content.  Categorize feeds by subject matter.
  8. Consume with tools – synchronize your feeds with other devices such as iPhone and iPad.
  9. Put the content to work – Find and share great content through social networking sites, forums, etc. 

Read the full article here.


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