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Attorneys Need to Learn to Invest in Their Clients’ Success

Above and Beyond the Call of Duty Oftentimes, attorneys are so focused on minimum billables and hourly billing that they forget that their clients can’t pay them if their clients don’t do well.  There’s a big difference between responding to a client’s phone call for help, and actively helping a client protect and grow their business.  Providing value to a client means much more than simply putting out a fire which grew so hot that it started to burn.

Of course, there’s good reason why lawyers oftentimes fail to focus on client success.  It’s because clients don’t want to pay for a lawyer’s time in learning about the client’s business or keeping up with the latest challenges a client may face.  Here’s the shocking truth.  Lawyers need to be proactive with clients for FREE.  That’s right.  Lawyers need to proactively engage their clients to understand how and where they might be able to help for free.  No charge to the client.  No billing for phone calls or sit-down meetings. 

If, in fact, the client is able to sell a value proposition on a new project, that project gets to be billed (preferably on a flat fee basis).  What lawyers lose in six-minute increments, they make up in client relations.  By teaching our clients that we, as lawyers, are integral to their business success, we help them understand the value we provide.  We create good habits of lawyer contact in order to solve problems which fall short of the extreme. 


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